Popular reason of the track of Japan

It was a big merit that a tax was low and to be fuel-efficient, and the light truck ceased to be a so big hindrance in the lowness of the carrying capacity that became the neck by the effort of the car manufacturer or the expansion of the body frame of the light car in the same way as a light car so far, too.
A light truck is more popular than a light truck in the used car market, and the value in the used car market becomes the comparative meeting thing.
Carry which is a light truck is thereby sold to a sea bass for around 300,000 yen whereas the price is high, and the used light truck sold at a used car store is all sold for around 200,000 yen in a type model in, for example, same 2010 even if very much light car wagon R of the sea bass of popularity is high.
I less change with around 700,000 yen and a light truck in a same year-style model that I compare it with the Liteace truck which is a light truck of Toyota that much.
I feel like knowing that the popularity of the light truck is high because you can buy it so cheaply though the carrying capacity does not change very much.

How to find used Japanese trucks at low price